​​​​How to Improve Your Expert Witness Report

Have you written an expert report before, but it always feels like pulling teeth (without any anesthetic?) 

You have not quite figured out how to organize the discovery systematically, your research, and your opinion in your report so that the attorney can understand it.  

All the information is there, but you just cannot appear to corral it into a digestible, easy to understand format - so simply and easily explained that even the attorneys get it.  

You have spent years, perhaps even decades, delegating tasks, training new employees, and explaining what's going on to customers, but you just can't seem to grasp how to explain what's going on to the attorney. 

Then on top of that, when you go to your deposition, you get grilled by an attorney from an opposing party and you feel like you are getting raked over the coals. 

Besides just trying to pin you down for using words like "always," and "never," they also start asking you about your comma usage. Commas! 

You're an expert in your field, and that field was not grammar. What are they expecting from you?  

Sure, maybe you put a comma in the wrong place, but it's not like that comma, or lack thereof, changes your opinion.  

Your opinion is your opinion and it is based on the facts of the case and your years of experience in your field.  

Why isn't the attorney focusing on those things? 

If you've struggled with writing your reports, correcting your spelling, and your grammar, and you're just entirely fed up with having to do rework ... then you have two options: 


You can go it alone. You can download some online grammar tool or rely on your word processors spell check, and try to figure out how to make your report look exactly how the attorneys want it to look, you can tweak and re-tweak until the attorney finally sighs and says, "Great, thanks."  Then you end up getting torn apart in a deposition over an errant comma. 

... or ...


You can work with someone who has been there and has created the framework you need to apply to your report. The framework that you need to implement so that your report practically writes itself and so you can always put your best words forward.  

Introducing the L.P.A. Method at the Expert Witness Academy

It can be overwhelming to write a letter or a report when you're not a writer. You're a professional and highly trained in your field - which just happens to be something other than writing. So, when you start working on cases and writing your reports, it feels disorganized and disjointed because you don't know how to organize or corral the information into an easily digestible format.

Don't worry! You're not alone! We hear this all the time from expert witnesses. You're not an author or a writer, but you are an expert, and your opinion matters. We're here to help you communicate your opinion to the attorneys and the finders of fact.  

That's why we use the L.P.A. Method here at the Expert Witness Academy.  

The L.P.A. Method is a framework you can apply case after case, so that you'll be prepared and you won't fall into a trap at a deposition or at trial. Learn more about how the L.P.A. Method can improve your expert witnessing by clicking the button below. 

Excel as an expert witness and avoid the traps and pitfalls of your next deposition